Windows 10 offering update to ‘Snoozes’ for 3 days

By: Shakil Reza

Published in: Tech News, Security

Windows 10 Update Snooze

US tech giant Microsoft said in a blog that people using Windows 10 devices will now is able to schedule an update within 3 days of receiving notification. This three days pausing option give users more control over security updates. Also users can change this time of chosen security updates when they are free / waiting for it.

Users of Windows 10 complained that for some updates require reboot and that is disrupt sometimes and it can’t be postpone.

When user using or working with application and reboot require it’s a big hassle for people and for this everything need to stop and start again for work, sometimes it delay working ability.

However expert says that will not be so good for users to pause security updates, it could help hackers to heck the system.

It will be best for Win 10 users to update their security as soon as possible Microsoft offered that will ensure the ability to protect their PC from potential hacker and apps disruption.

Source: BBC News