Why you should not play Clash of Clans (COC)?

By: Shakil Reza

Published in: Why ?, Mobile Tech

Clash of Clans Image

Clash of clans is one of the most popular games in the iOS an Android mobile from Supercell (video game company, Finland). It is a strategy game like Age of Empires with different mode. It is true that people playing COC now a day at any age range, it may be 10 to 70 years of people age.

When a game is most popular in any age why you should leave this game now and not to play COC anymore, we formatted 6 reasons:

1) Addiction

Any game when gamer play a lot and everyday and crazy about to play, day by day they got addicted to that game it’s a general rule. Where as COC is a strategy game which has 11 Town hall levels but Supercell updating this game every week, sometimes in a day one or twice this way it looks like it has virtually no end and people going crazy to upgrade their town hall and all others related with town hall like defense and troops for attack. COC players using this game 2 to 10 hours a day sometimes more than this, it seems like it’s not game for fun it’s a work for everyday life. They start thinking about it all day and night. They begin to try to connect everything with COC. When its running and player start loving this game they expecting more & more upgrade of the game and when they complete their town hall 11 they opening more than 1 account sometimes its more than 10 accounts. We don’t know how it will end and it expanding very fast because it’s included Facebook and sharing so people get connected and sharing thought to others friends and family. Although some gamers trying to leave from COC but they can’t because it makes them addiction. If they want to leave this game, game let not them to go.

2) Waste of time

COC is total waste of time not more than that why? Yes it has little pleasure but time wasting is a big issue. For example: If I start upgrading from town hall 1 to 11 possibly we need time more than a year may be more or less. So if u start playing today u have to wait more than a year to get complete of all but no you might me wrong its updating every short period of time and they giving some exciting offer in a year split of celebrating so virtually no end.

Now come to the most important part WAR in COC, every war need preparation time like 23 hours and war action time same like 23 hours so this way you have to wait and play day by day, you have to group form to win war, maintain individual clan policy and lots of … Time going finish in your everyday life, months, year. Every troops and defense upgrade time maybe 1 to 12 days so you have to wait and wait and play. When you back see you will see total time waste and you lost many important thing from your life.

3) Waste of money

Time is money right? Isn’t it … as a business student we always feel it and heard it a lot. At first you will need internet connection every time you want to play this game. No this is not finishing here, COC maker Supercell posts $2.3 Billion in revenue, $930 Million in profit for 2015. COC have store inside game to sell their gems, every months Supercell earn millions of dollar from selling gems. Gems are a system (1 type of stone) in COC to do fast process of any upgrade and or any time duration thing, like defense upgrade or troops. If a troops upgrade time is 10 days you can make them upgrade in a second by spending gems. These gems bought by many rich and wealthy gamer to do fast progress and it’s really waste of money. At first time gaming company made games to sell but now more advance way they give games for free to play and then they start earning by addicting gamer for a long time.

4) Killing mobile and battery

Now talk something about device you using to play COC, general way a high powered battery life mobile like 3500 or 4000 mAh can cover a full day with many phone call and facebooking etc. But when you use 2 hours of COC you will see this games drain your battery too quickly, with a background battery drain rate of 209 megawatts. COC can be played by a full charged battery of 4000 mAh for only 2/4 hours max. You need several times to charge your phone that kills your battery life. Also mobile device is harmed by this game because it used high resources like ram, processor, graphics and device feels like too hot. Too heat and fast battery drain can destroy your phone and your mobile’s battery life.

5) Life killing game

We can call COC a life killing game

- A bad addiction that destroy your life.

- Waste your time in everyday life is look like it kills your life because life is limited.

- Money wasting is also a big issue, in economics resources are limited but needs are many we have to fulfill our needs and wants by this limited resources. So every cent is important although many rich people have a lot but many people don’t have money to take some food. We should help poor people who have not sufficient and not to waste money for buying gems in COC.

- Time is limited 24 hours a day. You can not do everything in a day, if you do for something you will miss something. You can do something in a day that may be fruitful in your life or you can play COC and get addicted by becoming a lazy boy at your home or your workplace choice is your.

COC can also destroy study, working habit, day to day life, social life, friends, shopping, and others enjoyment like paying football, cricket, badminton and many others. You may not have much time for all those except COC.

6) Ethics

Finally we call it may hamper your childish manner and honesty. What really COC player do in the game? They attack others base and destroy others base not BOSS/Enemy base but base others look like mine and loot all GOLD and ELIXIR that is important in every base. So when a child or teenager play this game they unintentionally learned that others earning can be looted if I don’t have sufficient. Honestly speaking COC players can be thief minded. Child / people learned from every day life and environment where as COC player everyday learned how to loot GOLD and ELIXIR by any tricky way, it’s a possibility that comes in their real life too.

So my suggestion goes to those gamers who playing COC that avoid any online strategy games and Clash of Clans. Save your valuable life and enjoy like human not in your mobile JAIL.