Viber introducing secret message system for image & video sharing

By: Shakil Reza

Published in: Tech News, Mobile Tech

Viber secret message image

iOS & Android mobile app Viber recently introduce secret message system in their app, basically this system is for image & video sharing only.

When you feel your photos and videos more important to be seen once and never again you can choose this function.

How it works:

It just simply select your photo/video from gallery or take a new photo/video and set time how much longer you want to show this to your viewer. You can set time 1, 3, 7 or 10 sec. of course you also have this option “No time limit” too. When you set time this photo/video will disappear after viewing your selected specific time from conversation and, in doing so, let you decide what should and shouldn’t be a permanent part of your conversation history. But there will be info when massage was sent.

Viber made this for your conversations more meaningful and to keep your photos and videos more secure way to show exactly one time and after that it can’t be show to anyone else.