MotherBox - The true wireless charger

By: Shakil Reza

Published in: Tech News, New Tech, Mobile Tech

MotherBox Wireless Charger

There are many wireless chargers for mobile invented by some renowned company and some individuals but almost all of them we saw are wire connected in charging pad, when charging cable disconnected or cut charge stop immediately.

The MB (MotherBox) recently showed their wireless charger for iOS and Android device that truly wireless, means there no need any wire connector to charge your mobile that can blow peoples mind. People really wanted this kind of product that can reduce smart phone charging hassle.

Until MB showed their prototype there had a big question are they really wireless charger when they have wire in charging pad? If we have to take phone on pad so why not we connect by wire actually?

The MB is an Indiegogo project that solved those questions. They claim that the device can supply 2 watts of power in a range to 20 inches away. That charging rate improves as you get closer like 4 watts in to 15 inches and 8 watts in to 10 inches and 10 watts in to 5 inches from the MB placed.

MB declared 2 shaped of their chargers “Standard MB / MB” and another is “MB Mini”. MB mini is very much portable like a ball that is basically made to carry anywhere we move and MB standard sized is for home / desk use.

Main key features

Free Movement: No point-to-point contact required, truly wireless.

Power on Demand: Stay powered at the moments and places you need your phone charged most.

Multiple Devices: Charges multiple devices simultaneously.

Compatibility: Charges both iOS and Android smart phones.

Adaptability: Desk and portable sizes for different demands.

Barrier Free: Functions without any hindrance and obstruction.

My personal opinion is MB definitely a new generation of tech gadget but there still has some lacking “Distance”. It should be strong wireless power to cover more distance like charges in a hall or conference without any hassle of distance.

Source: Indiegogo