AirBar – Transform your laptop screen to touch screen.

By: Shakil Reza

Published in: Tech News, New Tech

AirBar Image

Neonode Inc. launched their AirBar in the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 held on Las Vegas (USA).

AirBar a sensor was named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the computer accessories category. AirBar can transform any pc/laptop screen to a touch screen. The AirBar sensor is a sleek bar that magnetically attaches to the bottom of a laptop display and plugs in via USB to instantly activate touch and gesture capabilities, without any software installation.

Tech people are thinking different way about AirBar, Apple Macbook a leading laptop brand did not attached touch screen to their laptop there may be some issue but Neonode changed it with AirBar. Now people can feel test of touch in their MacBook Air and a happiness who are waiting for it for a long time.

AirBar currently available for Macbook Air but it will be available for others mac laptop version. Currently only 15.6” sized AirBar available on Amazon, Bestbuy and Walmart.

Customer can order 3 sized AirBar on their website they are 15.6” , 14” and 13.3”

Technical specifications

Display Size Supported:   15.6”, with an aspect ratio of 16:9
Width:   5 mm
Length:   373 mm (AirBar 15.6”)
Height:   17 mm (requires 20 mm mounting surface for 3 mm between AirBar and display)
Cable length:   243 mm
Weight:   55 g

How it works:

AirBar projects an invisible light field on the surface of your display that makes it possible to “touch” the screen and interact with Windows 8 and 10 gestures.

Use your fingers, gloves, brush or whatever you have. It works.


1)   Old pc/laptor can be touch sensitive with a small device.
2)   Simple usb connection and not other installation required.
3)   Very easy to connect & disconnect.
4)   Lightweight.
5)   Reasonable price tag.


1)   Only 3 sized there may be needed more sized because of different sized big monitor and ratio.
2)   Only MacBook Air is supported not others ver. Macbook.
3)   It’s very lightweight but not actually portable.